Lack of posts!

Apologies for the lack of photos lately – we’re still moving and haven’t had a weekend free yet! I did manage to squeeze in time to see the Citigroup Photography Prize exhibition last weekend, which was excellent. I especially liked Robert Adams’ photographs of everyday American life: the 1960s scene of a pharmacy display of hair accessories could have been taken yesterday. Another highlight was Joel Sternfeld’s exhausted runaway elephant photo, taken in the late 1970s — it’s a happily ironic photograph of an elephant normally so big and powerful reduced to a tiny, kneeling heap in the middle of a sunny road while onlookers stare.

In other news, the daily commute remains the same… this is Farringdon Station, in the City.

Anyway, hopefully once the weather starts getting better I’ll be able to experiment a little more with my new camera!

Current and upcoming London photo exhibitons

Apart from the aforementioned Citigroup Photography Prize 2004 (which I am yet to see but you can read a review of here), there are a few other photography exhibits currently showing (or soon to be held) in London. These are:

Cecil Beaton at the National Portrait Gallery until 31 May.
Bill Brandt: A Centenary Retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 24 March to 25 July 2004.
Daido Moriyama at the Shine Gallery until 10 April 2004.

Hyde Park Snow

hyde park snow, london

Bit of an old photo this week, taken in December 2000. It was the first time I’d ever seen a proper snowfall! And it was all gone by 11AM. I rushed outside with my camera at 6AM and took lots of photos. I also remember calling up my friend Melinda (in the same boat as me), waking her up and telling her to look outside. She screamed.

My new book is here!

Well, it’s not Pulitzer Prize winning stuff but people I’ve known are probably going to be interested in it. It’s a very semi-autobiographical account of my senior high school years, particularly the teachers I encountered. It’s suitable for people around 14-17 years old — I actually wrote it in 1993-4, when I was 16-17.

At US$20.10 (or $26 Australian) it’s not too expensive for a print on demand publication!

Buy Friends In High Places here!