Montmartre, Paris


Another Parisian photo from a couple of weeks ago, taken in Montmatre just after going to Au Grain de Folie vegetarian restaurant. I haven’t had the chance to take too many London ones – I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, too! Luckily the new job is right next to Regent’s Park, although I haven’t been there during lunch yet!

Ridley Road Market, Dalston, East London

A busy African grocery shop next to the huge selection of market stalls in Dalston. Walk up and down the footpath on the outside of the market, behind the stalls, and you’ll find endless amounts of exotic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fabric shops and even a 24-hour bagel shop. It’s always very busy! The market is open Monday to Saturday and is located just outside the Dalston Kingsland Silverlink station. Many buses travel through the area; catch them from Waterloo or Angel.
Housekeeping news: I’ve renamed all the files on this site (although old links to individual entries will still work) so that they are not numerical. Hopefully this will help drive more traffic here from search engines!

Strawberry Fields


We’ve got a strawberry plant in our garden and, although the poor thing was about to collapse during last week’s winds, we managed to salvage two strawberries from it this afternoon. There was some nice light in the garden, so I took a photo… These guys are in our stomachs now, but here’s a photo of them before we ate them… not actual size, of course 🙂
If anyone wants these strawberries on a T-Shirt (white bg) let me know. I’ve ordered mine from T-Shirt Zoo. Okay… just thought I’d ask…

Little India, London

Southall – just 15 minutes by National Rail from Paddington – is the ideal place to visit on a sunny weekend (except when it takes an hour to wait for a train going back to Paddington…). Indian and Bangladeshi shops selling groceries, clothes, furniture, movies and more, along with some great restaurants and pubs, make it well worth the occasional visit. Better than Brick Lane for character, anyway.

Watch the space

Got to scan a few B&W negatives I did with my temperamental Pentax K1000 tonight – they’re of Little India (Southall). Come back tomorrow and I should have some pics up. Don’t know how they’ve come out yet…