Laundrettes are all the same

Laundromat (or laundrette as they say here), Greenwich Village, New York. I have to use a laundrette now – I did use a laundrette for a brief time in 2002, but had the ‘luxury’ of having a washer/dryer (which never dried) for the last couple of years. Each week we do a load or two, and it costs about 5 pounds. Which is why we pay a little less rent, apparently. Anyway, it’s not so bad as it’s only a two minute walk away, but they should make laundrettes a little more comfy. I’ve yet to take a photo of the Barbican Laundrette but I look forward to doing so.

Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell


The Jerusalem Tavern on Britton Street is one historic little pub. It has had a presence in Clerkenwell for 700 years. Its current location is at 55 Britton Street in a building dating back to the early 18th century. Now it is a small, cosy and warm pub that sells specialty St Peter’s beers in traditional green bottles (the brewery is its current owner).

Sadly it is not open on the weekends but it’s well worth the visit especially on a Friday night!


Brooms for sale at a Notting Hill market stall. May I recommend the Sausage and Mash cafe on Portobello Rd for a good fry-up? Vegetarians are well catered for there. Or Mike’s cafe.

New York revisited

A couple of photos from our trip to New York this Christmas/New Year’s…

Dogs, running around in Central Park on 27 December…

An extremely touristy jaunt to the Statue of Liberty. Even Rob went; he hadn’t been since 1987! I hurried off at one point and bought a veggie burger, and immediately threw it away upon purchase. Unfortunately all food in New York is great except for that found on Liberty Island.

Midtown snow woman