Walking in a Winter Wonderland

OK< so it's not Central Park, but it did end up snowing a little down London way this week. Here are a few photographs!! regentsnowflower.jpg
Regent’s Park, snow view.

View of the Barbican apartments which overlook a snowy square.

A woman goes for a stroll around 9am today.

The football field in Regent’s Park is empty.

For my previous snow photos, see these Regent Park ones and these ones taken in Farringdon and Hampstead.

Aldersgate St Office Space


I pass this building each evening but this is the first time I stopped to take a photo of it. It’s currently unoccupied, but the lights remain on even though there’s nothing actually in the building. If it weren’t for the traffic, I think it would look extremely eerie.

Tantalisingly Close To Sticky Snow

The London weather’s been teasing us this week. It snowed quite heavily for oh, all of five minutes. And we got a few bits of dust this afternoon. Then a minute later it became all sunny again. Not good enough… I need to take some more London snow photos! 🙂

Here’s one I took in a hurry from the windows at work just before it stopped… I was actually more interested in taking a short video clip with my digital camera.

Circle Line Photographed

Rob has got a new project; taking large format pinhole photographs over the Circle Line Underground path. He will walk over the parts where the track twists and turns far underneath his feet (so it is not actually a Circle at all!) So far he’s only walked between Moorgate and Barbican, but there has been a lot of interest (particularly from bloggers) everywhere. It’ll probably take a few months or so, providing he perseveres with it every couple of weeks or so. A project to keep your eye on! 🙂