London photos Tuesday 12 July 2005

I decided to walk to work and took a few photos. Gradually I will take the bus and Tube again – I managed to go on the Tube for a couple of stops this evening- but for now I prefer the blisters.

A random group of people walking from London Euston station this morning.


Kings Cross St. Pancras

The makeshift London bombings memorial garden at Kings Cross St. Pancras this morning is extremely touching. People were signing a condolences book and leaving flowers. (Press are asked to remain outside.)


The worldwide media circus descends on London.

You are being watched – by France’s Canal+.

One of the satellite vans wasn’t what you would call secure.


A very textured construction site at the Angel which will probably turn into some homogenous space.

Business as usual

Today is Monday, and today it was Business As Usual for Londoners. Although obviously more alert than usual and perhaps feeling a little on the jittery side, most people decided that it was best to get back to work. For some, that meant going back on the Tube; for others the bus. I chose to walk today; but I’ve promised myself to take public transport this week.

In fact, most people I passed today were unfazed as they strolled confidently along the streets talking about the Olympics, or scrambled onto waiting buses. Similarly, people being interivewed on TV simply had a sense of stoicism and determination that is so, well, British. In the US after 9/11 you saw some really jingoistic, gung-ho attitudes but here you just get the ‘life goes on’ attitude that seemed to be innately passed from people who had survived the Blitz.

Tomorrow I will walk to work and take some pictures as I go.

Terrorist attacks

From happiness at winning the Olympic bid to utter shock and sadness. We at London Photos are all OK, and our thoughts are with those affected by this cowardly terrorist attack 🙁

The Olympic 2012 announcement: It’s London!

A big event today: London has won the 2012 Olympic bid. Everyone thought Paris had won, as it was the favourite, and everyone here is quite cynical towards the whole concept of ‘winning’ anything. These photos aren’t great (there is such a thing as a good vantage point), but here you are… viva London.

Worried faces in the crowd…

A few pensive faces as the announcement time nears (1246BST)…

Hooray! We’ve won!


The battle of Trafalgar… how ironic.

Hampstead Heath

There’s a giant chair in and table in Hampstead Heath…


Some idiot tried to climb it…


Without success, it must be said 🙂


From afar, it looks quite cool!


The Olympics are coming to London in 2012. I’ve got photos live from the scene! Well, they are actually a mass of heads and wonky camera angles, but the Quicktime movie is quite cool if only for the sound. Hehe.