London Open House Weekend

City of London School for Boys

city of london school for boys
This weekend was London Open House Day. You may recall that last year, we visited Churchill’s secret bunker in Neasden, north west London, as well as City Hall and the Gherkin.

The above two photos were taken at City of London School for Boys; which was open for people to wander around this weekend. More photos of other bits and pieces soon; I’ve just moved web servers and need this new home to settle down a bit.

Another London blog!

Checked out Perfect Blue Sky’s photo blog yet? I asked Chris (a former colleague and an all-round entertaining guy) very nicely if I could link to his page off mine as I have been feeling quite guilty that I haven’t had much of a chance to take any London photos lately.

The one of the blokes at the kiosk took them by surprise, as he’d pretended to hide his camera at the time then took a sneak photo moments later.

I was in Ireland last weekend, and I’d like to post some of the photos here, but they aren’t strictly London-related, are they? However, if you’re interested in seeing some pinholes check out NYCLondon for more – and a photo I took of the camera in question.