Winter’s on its way out…

regent's park ducks
Unfortunately I’ve yet to see snow this winter, but the satisfying sunshine shone brightly today and I happened to have my camera to hand while going for a stroll in the park. Working next to Regent’s Park is pretty good — if you’re ever in a bad mood you can go for a walk there.

regent's park fountain

John Soane’s Museum


Architect John Soane’s museum of odd historical artefacts. Soane wanted the museum – which he designed to live in – to be used for amateurs and students in architecture, painting and sculpture. He was born in 1753 and died in 1837. The place is one of the lesser-known free museums in London and this is one photograph of the main hallway which just gives a general idea of the place. There is also Egyptian stuff underground to check out. Address is 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London.