Happy World Pinhole Day!

My World Pinhole Day Submission
For the past five years, people have been invited to take one pinhole photograph and submit it to the World Pinhole Day gallery. Pinhole cameras just use a pinhole to let light through. They have no lens and no viewfinder, no meter and no moving parts. Most people put unexposed paper at the back of a box, but you can also use film if your camera allows this. Last year saw 1800 entries to World Pinhole Day. Here’s mine (I’m number 193!), taken on a stretch of road at Westminster.

Go to Stonehenge

Every day, thousands of tourists, mainly based in London, go to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath for the day. There’s not much left of Stonehenge unfortunately, and its mystery can be often overshadowed by the throngs of coaches, people, sheep, the surrounding highways and, of course, the ubiquitous audio guides. We went one morning whilst staying in Bath for Easter.

Photobook auction on 18th May

The popularity of photography books as collectors’ items continues apace. Christie’s is holding the first proper auction of rare photobooks at Kings Street London on 18th May. Estimates for the books range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds and this event will surely be attracting global interest from avid collectors. A strong representation of Japanese photographers and first editions from old masters is there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin Parr, the photographer with a keen interest in photographic books (as of 2004 he owned about 7,000 and has published a book on photobooks), will be at the auction to outbid everyone!

An afternoon at Spitalfields

Spitalfields Market
This morning, it rained. Then it was sunny. Then it rained. Then it was cloudy. Then the sun came out.


Then it rained lots. Then the sun came out (again).

Then we went out to Spitalfields market and had a late lunch and bought some groceries. Then it rained really hard so we stood undercover and watched people walking by. Then the sun came out. And it’s stayed out.
The end.