The Sultan’s Elephant visits London

The Sultan’s Elephant is a wonderful piece of French street theatre which came to London this weekend. We spent about three hours chasing a giant girl and an elephant that spouts water around the streets of Westminster. There were literally hundreds of thousands of people out to watch the girl and elephant play, and no one went home without a smile on their face!

The story is of a sultan who is tormented by his dreams of a time-travelling girl. He asks an engineer to contruct a time-travelling elephant (Royal de Luxe’s theatre piece is designed to coincide with Jules Verne’s centenary) in a quest to find her…

The elephant braves the Piccadilly crowds
The elephant braves the Piccadilly crowds

Little girl plays in the park
Little girl waits for the elephant next to St James’s Park

A puppeteer at the side of the giant elephant
A puppeteer at the side of the giant elephant

spray with water
Elephant sprays the crowd

Stomp stomp
Nothing that the Sultan’s elephant crosses is safe! One of many squashed cars in central London

A puppeteer guides the Sultan’s elephant’s huge legs down the London streets

The Sultan!
You can just make out the Sultan!

Dusty elephant
The elephant basks in the dust and trumpets loudly as it approaches the girl

baby elephant
Baby watches the giant elephant

This girl moves fast! You had to run to catch up.

The two are almost reunited

For more photos of The Sultan’s Elephant, check out my friend Sean’s photos from Day 2.