Sheep drive through central London

It’s the London Architecture Biennale and a herd of sheep has been driven from Borough Market across the Millennium Bridge and past St Paul’s Catherdral, to end up at St Bartholemew’s fair. Poor things were quite hot! Thousands of people were out to see the spectacle. We ran to catch up with them in scenes reminiscent of when we took photos of The Sultan’s Elephant visit – running all over the place!

sheep millennium bridge







Topshop emporium



The trendsetter-fashionstore-sixweekshelflifeemporium-youthbrand-thingy, Topshop, attracts fashion slaves of all ages. But mainly teenage girls. Six years in London and I finally succumbed to a purchase — six pairs of underwear, this means I’ll be able to wair them approximately once a week in succession before the pattern goes out of fashion, heaven forbid anyone notice I’m still wearing PANTONE 5405 Blue or whaever. Hmmm.
More pics later (taken with the Sony Ericsson K750i, with a large nod to my favourite photographer Martin Parr who took a series of photographs in Asia with the same model but it is happily coincidental that I happen to have the same model. We met him a couple of weeks ago at a book signing for his new publication, Mexico, which is an EXCELLENT book).