Shepherdess Cafe, City Road


First time we’d gone here to the Shepherdess Cafe on City Rd, despite going past it many times. A little more expensive than other nearby places, but service was good and quick. Felt absolutely stuffed afterwards – chips, eggs, beans, mushrooms, toast and coffee, which I was unable to finish only because the serving was so massive – I did my best though!


If anyone can help me find out how to turn off the very loud CLICK sound emitted by my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson K750i) when I try and take a photo with it, do tell.

Anyway, what else? Oh – we got free chewing gum afterwards.

Rainy bus 153

I’m sheltered inside one of the quietest but most convenient bus routes in London, the irregular bus 153.

Experiment! BTW I’m opening comments on this, just to see if it still attracts spam – I really need to upgrade the ‘back end’ that drives this site but it’s so much work.

Free range eggs – 20p each

At the Whole Foods Market, High St Kensington. You had to pick these yourself. Maybe the process was supposed to make you feel like it was a more ‘natural’ experience, but I was too afraid of picking one and causing the entire mound to collapse.