Merry Christmas from London Photos!

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting the London Photos blog in 2007. I know there hasn’t been a prolific range of photos this year, partly because I spent a third of the year travelling abroad rather than staying in London! I do hope that I’ll be able to upgrade this supremely ancient site which is still running a 2003 version of Movable Type, and actually migrate all the images to the new version successfully. Part of the reason I haven’t been updating as much, apart from taking less photos, is because this website is quite clunky and prone to spam – I’ve recently reopened comments though!

An identifying sticker worn at a London Christmas party that entitled the bearer to free food and drink

Another thing I hope to have ready in early 2008 is a self-published book of London Photos that includes highlights of images I’ve produced over the last four years. (Off topic: if you’re interested in a novel for teens 14 and over, I’ve written Drive to Nowhere a mystery/adventure novel set in the Australian bush and suburban Sydney starring the teen daughter of a rock star – check it out and maybe buy a copy if you’re interested :))