Primrose Hill in autumn

truly autumn
Followers of this blog know that I regularly take photos of the changing seasons at Primrose Hill, and have done so ever since I first started! I live 5 minutes walk away and just three weeks ago there were no leaves on the grass, and was able to sit and have a picnic with the sun shining down.

Overdue update… Lambeth Country fair photo essay

These images are long overdue, but here is a small photo essay of the Lambeth Country Show in London from July 2008. I thought I’d better post them before daylight saving ends!

lambeth country show
Colour co-ordinated couple

lambeth country show
On the ground

At the train platform

Toffee apple cops

Lunchtime on the grass

abandoned baby
An abandoned baby in front of a ride

A forlorn stuffed tiger

In other news, my London taxi photograph from March 2005 is officially on a corporate charity Christmas/greeting card range being produced by Kingsmead Publications, which is cool. Also, an external shot of Sealand is being published by Life Books on 3 November as part of a new title. The book is called Strange But True: Incredible Stories, True Tales and Fantastic Photos and you can buy it for