October 04, 2003

What is London Photos

about us

London Photos was created by me, Kim Gilmour with regular contributions from R. Gardiner, who has his own black and white photography site at NYCLondon.com.

We are originally from Sydney, Australia. I have been living in London since mid 2000 and R. has been here since July 2003, although he has been to London many times previously.

Launched in September 2003, London Photos is a non-profit site best known for our Polaroid manipulations. These Polaroid manipulations do not involve any digital editing.

Apart from these, the site features scenes from everyday London Life or day trips we've taken out of the capital. There may even be occasional recipes!

London Photos is committed to posting at least a couple of images a week and in typical weblogging style allows visitors to comment or trackback entries or participate in an embryonic discussion forum.

All images on this site are copyright Kim Gilmour and R. Gardiner 2003.

Posted by kimgilmour at October 4, 2003 05:11 PM

Hi there,

How are you? I need you permission to use some of your images on londnphotos.org for students as a guidance about london. These images will be a part of a college prospectus so that students from overseas may have a good idea about london. Would you please be kind enough to allow us to use your images on this website.

Best Regards.

Posted by: Dr Hassan at April 5, 2004 03:25 PM

I have enjoyed your calm site!

Posted by: will at June 24, 2004 05:16 PM
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