June 21, 2004


A Mario Bros figure adorns a desk at the MTV UK corporate offices. (Canon EOSD)
Also - I've gone back to the dark ages and purchased an old Pentax K1000 - just like I used at university from 1996-7. I bought one second hand at a New York market for $100 in 1999 and it lasted for about 100 rolls before finally giving up (it may well have had a problem that was easy to fix, but I left it at a relative's place in Holland 4 years ago!), so I bought another one off eBay a couple of weeks ago for 65 pounds. I took few B&W photos at Southall (aka 'Little India') last weekend, so I'm waiting to finish the roll and see how those turn out! It's a real 'workhorse' student camera, but takes great pics.

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I have been using a Pentax Spotmatic for the last two years and the results are mind blowing! - you will not be disapointed.

great shots

Posted by: hanleyman at June 27, 2004 10:54 PM
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