Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser: become a fan!

Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser
Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser

My book, Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser, shows you how to choose the right camera, the main features to look out for and tips to take great images. It also explains photo editing, organising and sharing your images. In full colour with lots of screenshots and photography, it’s been a useful tool not only for older people, but for complete photography/computing novices too!

Now, you can become a fan of the page on Facebook. There, I will be updating the page with tutorials, helpful links, video presentations, discussion boards, news and more. But I need your help to make it a useful community on the web!

Chapel St, Islington

Some images from Chapel St in Angel, where the traditional street market is held daily. When I first came to work in London ten years ago, my office was around the corner on Goswell Rd so I used to come here pretty much every day. A few years later, the offices moved to Clerkenwell, but Angel was still a relatively quick walk or bus ride away. The Superdrug on the street was there when I first came here and it’s still here today, as are a few other places such as the Indian vegetarian buffet right at the end of the street.

Superdrug, Angel Islington

Here is the typical greengrocer stand.

Chapel St market vegetables and herbs

View out the window, Tate Modern

Vase, Tate Modern

A makeshift window and vase with a view of St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. Taken at the Level 2 Gallery of the Tate Modern, where an artist called Haris Epaminonda was exhibiting. Would have tried to get a better frame when I took it, but it’s a bit of a sneaky shot as I’m not sure of the photo-taking policy in that particular gallery!

Hyde Park in the spring

Today I went to Marble Arch with my daughter – a beautiful, truly spring day in London. In nearby Hyde Park, thousands of people were there picnicking, playing ball games, sleeping or sunbathing (I still don’t understand the peculiar British obsession with baring any bit of flesh to the sunlight as soon as the smallest patch emerges).

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Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser: out now!

Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser
Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser

Some shameless self-promotion. My latest book, Digital Photography for the Older and Wiser, has been out in the UK for a couple of months, but is now available in North America and other countries.

Although aimed at older readers, anyone who wants to delve into the world of digital photography for the first time should get something out of it.

The iconic Amateur Photographer magazine has given it a brief but positive review in the current (April 17)  issue. Jeff Meyer writes: “I’m always sceptical of books aimed at the ‘mature’ photographer market as they seem to be a little patronising. How is someone in their 60s different from someone in their 20s learning photography for the first time? Nevertheless, this is actually a very good primer, clearly explained and well illustrated.”

This was my aim, and in fact I sent my first two draft chapters to a friend of mine who is my age (30s) to read – she’s never used digital cameras and I wanted to know if what I’d written made any sense! That said, of course there are a few things for the older and wiser to look out for when buying a camera such as ease of use, clarity of buttons and so on – but even those features would benefit people of all ages.

I’ve learned a lot while writing the book and there is actually even more to digital photography now that new standards and camera types are emerging. But hopefully the basics outlined in this book should still remain constant for many years to come!