Scenes from London’s Barbican centre: inside and out

On a rainy London day, I took a few quick images from both inside and outside the Barbican Centre. I was there to view the excellent exhibition, Strange and Familiar, co-curated by my favourite photographer Martin Parr. I used to live there and it had been quite a while since I’d been. Happily, there is little change, despite the crazy development that is going on all around it.

Primrose Hill mist (or Vanishing London)

primrose hill mist
It rained all day last week and didn’t stop once. I walked up Primrose Hill for the ‘view’. You couldn’t even see BT Tower because of all the mist! An American family and their dog were playing on the hill.
Just three months ago all these trees were completely bare.

Happy World Pinhole Day!

My World Pinhole Day Submission
For the past five years, people have been invited to take one pinhole photograph and submit it to the World Pinhole Day gallery. Pinhole cameras just use a pinhole to let light through. They have no lens and no viewfinder, no meter and no moving parts. Most people put unexposed paper at the back of a box, but you can also use film if your camera allows this. Last year saw 1800 entries to World Pinhole Day. Here’s mine (I’m number 193!), taken on a stretch of road at Westminster.

Aldersgate St Office Space


I pass this building each evening but this is the first time I stopped to take a photo of it. It’s currently unoccupied, but the lights remain on even though there’s nothing actually in the building. If it weren’t for the traffic, I think it would look extremely eerie.