Spring is here and so are the cherry blossoms!

The cherry blossoms are out in London and the birds are singing. The sky is blue. Strange to think that last month we had the most snow here in almost 20 years!

After attending a 9.30am breakfast meeting (over a delicious spinach, cheese and mushroom omelette at Richeloux, St John’s Wood, which I am still raving about) I wandered down Circus Rd to capture the spring blossoms… sadly, I only had my mobile (again) but you get the idea.

Autumn’s here again

autumn on primrose hill
In the three years I’ve been updating this weblog, we come to one of my favourite times of year again. When the leaves start to spill onto the crisp green grass, before they turn into yukky, squelchy mud.
Here’s another of my regular ‘haunts’, Primrose Hill.

Winter’s on its way out…

regent's park ducks
Unfortunately I’ve yet to see snow this winter, but the satisfying sunshine shone brightly today and I happened to have my camera to hand while going for a stroll in the park. Working next to Regent’s Park is pretty good — if you’re ever in a bad mood you can go for a walk there.

regent's park fountain

Fitzroy Square, London

Fitzroy Square – a private square open to the public from May to September – covered in a blanket of snow which disappeared only a couple of hours later, giving way to radiant sunshine. Some loss of sharpness during the resizing. A typical London scene, surrounded by expensive private clinics such as the London foot hospital and a hospital for the clergy. Just off the aforementioned diesel-choked Euston Rd.