Hyde Park in the spring

Today I went to Marble Arch with my daughter – a beautiful, truly spring day in London. In nearby Hyde Park, thousands of people were there picnicking, playing ball games, sleeping or sunbathing (I still don’t understand the peculiar British obsession with baring any bit of flesh to the sunlight as soon as the smallest patch emerges).

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Didn’t take any ‘proper’ London photos over the past fortnight, but I certainly saw half of the place! You can check out the pics I took when my friends here here on Flickr, below the pic of Tony.



Chicken Pox

No updates for a while, as I’m currently house-bound due to chickenpox. I’ve got friends visiting in less than a week, and then my parents are over for a short time, so I hope I get on the road to health soon.

Unfortunately I’ve got so much work to do that I have no choice but to do some work at home and I can’t escape it altogether, but I’ll make sure I rest if I get tired.

Not sure where/how I caught it, but if I hear anyone nearby ended up catching it then I’ll blame them!

Old man Betsey


Old man at the Betsey Trotwood pub, Clerkenwell. I was meeting a bunch of friends here (about 6 or 7 others) and he sat at our table for four hours and wouldn’t leave!