Tofu on a stick: the Facebook effect

Bizarrely, this simple photograph of a few sticks of tofu on a stick has been ‘liked’ by 207 people. It’s part of the Tofu fan page on Facebook I created a year or so ago. To date, more than 16,000 people around the world are self-proclaimed fans of the bean curd, posting images of a range of foodstuffs. It started off with just two.

It is a bit odd when you post a photograph of your dinner online and random people start commenting on it, as a friend said when I explained the tale of the skewers. Within about two minutes of posting, I had immediate responses and comments (all good!).

But that is the power of social networking. I’ve not had much of a chance to update this blog recently, yet people who are always connected to their ‘networks’ can’t get themselves out of the loop for fear of missing something important (in this case, a photograph of deep fried tofu on skewers; marinated in vegetable oil, garlic, turmeric and soy sauce).

Facebook is now the most popular place for sharing photographs, but these are often dumped straight from the digital camera on to the site, with minimal editing, and not too much context.

What about good old photo blogs – do people still visit them anymore, now we have Flickr and Facebook?

One thought on “Tofu on a stick: the Facebook effect”

  1. I have a photography group on facebook with 1,050 members I curate the group (i.e. delete the crap) too keep it of good average quality, but it’s a good portal for people to share links to their blogs and new entries.

    It seems to compliment people’s blogs quite well. I think the majority of photos on facebook are self-love though and don’t come under the photography banner as we may see it.

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